There is no secret.

They are better than you because they’ve practiced more, worked harder and put in more time.

Of course luck is involved, there is an element of natural talent and genetics but that doesn’t help you.

If someone is where you want to be then assume they have worked harder than you.


Most people who ask the quesiton:


‘How did you get to where you are?’ or ‘how did you get so good at X’


Don’t want the answer: I worked harder than you for longer.


But that is a great answer. If you want that answer you’re already winning.


The locus of control is on you.


You can’t control luck (although hard work does seem to increase ‘luck’ — funny that), you can’t choose your genetics, you can’t dictate your natural talents. 


But what you can control is your work ethic.


If someone is achieving something I am striving for I assume they have worked harder and/or smarter than me.


It’s in your control. 


If you want results you don’t have it’s likely going to take a level of effort you haven’t put in.




Things that are effortless usually require a lot of effort to appear so.


It’s only effortless now as a result of previous efforts.


There is no secret. And that should inspire you.


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