There is an interesting trend in the fitness industry to purposefully put off certain potential clients. Usually the ones you think will be hard work.

It is easy to coach the ‘highly motivated people’ who probably don’t really need a coach. And that is what some coaches are looking for. An easy ride, an easy paycheck.

What is hard is coaching the people who have all but given up on themselves. Who have limited self belief, who have a fear of failure, who feel like they have tried everything but nothing works for them.

Those are the people who need the most help and support. And those are the exact people lazy coaches are trying to put off.

Sure, from a business perspective if your aim is to create the biggest profit from the smallest effort then yes coaching solely highly motivated people is your best bet.

But if you you want to help those who need it most then you may have to compromise your effort to profit ratio.

I have never and will never give up on or turn away a client who is willing to try.

I get so much satisfaction helping someone who has struggled with their weight their whole life to finally get their head around fat loss.

Or someone who has been brainwashed by diet culture finally start to enjoy food again.

Or change the perfectionist, all or nothing mentality into something realistic and enjoyable.

These take time & effort and it is certainly not the ‘easiest’ demographic to work with but easy often isn’t rewarding.

‘It’s hard’ isn’t an excuse. It isn’t a reason not to do somthing. If anything it is the reason to do something.

Not much worth having comes easy.

You will be able to tell someone’s passion by the hard they choose.

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