Guest podcasts

Sometimes I am lucky enough to be invited on to podcasts as a guest.

Here are a few recent interviews (2022)

This one focuses on:

Emma’s approach to life and work, living her values and achieving purpose and fulfilment through her businesses.

Given Emma has helped countless people with their fitness, I ask what are the successful dieting mentalities that Emma sees most commonly with clients who do achieve their goals.

Expect to also hear about overcoming perfectionism, the law of diminishing returns, overtraining, and taking extreme ownership of your life and fitness to live your best life.

We also discuss compassion, the body positivity movement, managing hunger, and being a mentor figure.

Emma brings so much knowledge and passion to this conversation and I know you’re going to love this episode


This one covers:

Food relationships, the mindset around dieting and why perfection is holding you back from achieving some incredible results. 

Emma talks about trigger foods, overeating at certain points in the day and how to overcome these issues long term!

In addition, we chat about finding balance, living at maintenance and much more to make for a fascinating discussion


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