A skin patch that burns fat!

A skin patch that burns fat!

No this isn’t one of those fads about orange peel infused green tea skin patches that will dissolve your fat by purifying your soul..This actually seems quite legit.

Researchers have shown that they can use skin patches infused with certain drugs to turn white fat into brown fat. 

White fat is primarily for storing energy and has large triglyceride droplets. Brown fat has much smaller stores of energy and more mitochondria which burn energy and produce heat. Given we now tend to wear clothes to keep us warm (damn you society#FreeTheNipple) we tend not to need our brown fat and as such don’t have much of it as adults.

Researchers have been trying to develop drugs which can cause ‘browning’ of white fat in the hope that this can be used to treat obesity and diabetes.

The great thing about skin patches as opposed to taking drugs systemically in a pill or inject-able from is that there is far less chance of off target side effects.

The developers of these skin patches have so far only tested them on mice. Nonetheless, the results look promising.
Mice treated with the drug on one side of their abdomen lost 20% of the fat on that side compared to the non treatment side. Further, they also showed reduced fasting blood glucose levels than control mice who were not treated. This shows both a local (fat loss) and whole body (fasting glucose) effect.

Take home: A healthy diet and active lifestyle will trump any treatment but this is still pretty cool.

Bye for now.