Building muscle and being a woman

How fast do women build muscle?

– Muscle is hard to build for anyone. This is especially true for women

The prime reason for this is that women have a lower level of testosterone which is male sex hormone which drives increases in muscle mass via increased growth hormone and muscle protein synthesis. 

The reason I mention it is a male sex hormone is that you may notice that women who have higher levels of testosterone also exhibit other *traditionally* (who is to say having a beard is a male characteristic these days.. beards don’t have a gender 🙄🙄) male characteristics.. including a deeper voice, a more prominent jaw line and facial fair.

Women who do have a large amount of muscle mass may be artificially manipulating their hormone levels (yes, I mean steroids).

Muscle mass takes years to build naturally and the more you train, the harder subsequent increases in muscle mass are

Ask any natural female who has tried to build muscle mass and they will tell you a) it’s not easy and b) it certainly NEVER happens by accident

The table which I adapted from Lyle Macdonalds research serves to highlight just how slow the process of female muscle growth is.
Note that this is based on general trends and some women will build muscle faster or slower than this.

Take homes:

– lifting weights won’t make you bulky or put on unwanted muscle mass
– You wont put on muscle accidentally ( I wish!)
– If you’re not losing weight on your fat loss diet over time then unfortunately it is probably not because you are losing fat and building muscle simultaneously and thus masking weight loss. This would be VERY slow fat loss.
– The more experienced you are , the harder it is to gain more muscle
– Lifting weights will give you that desired ‘toned’ look and avoid the dreaded ‘skinny fat’ look which often occurs when people diet and don’t exercise.