This is for people who refuse to accept average. Who want more & are willing to put in the work to get more.

Start date: Dec 4th

Please listen to the podcast before you sign up -this program is not for everyone & by the end you'll know if it's right for you!

This is for people who refuse to accept average. Who want more & are willing to put in the work to get more.

I explain what commit42 is best on the podcast here 

Average in the UK is overweight, unhappy & unhealthy.

This isn’t my opinion - this is what the statistics show.

If you don’t want to be average you’ll have to be willing to do more than average.

Most people won’t get up early to go to the gym.

Won’t go for a walk if it’s raining.

& won’t choose to make healthy food choices when the easier & more tempting options are available.

You don’t have to be most people. if you don't want to be average this is for you.

LEt me tell you why I created commit42...

What is different?

The longer I’ve been coaching the more I realise that the main benefits really have nothing to do with losing body fat directly.

It’s the impact that has on the rest of your life.

The confidence you get from making a promise to your self and delivering on it, from trusting yourself to show up for yourself.

The biggest benefit is ultimately you enjoying life more.

That is what this is about. Coaching done right will help you thrive in all areas of life & no one area stands alone and doesnt impact others.

If you are not happy at work you wont be happy at home, if you are not happy in your body, you won't show up at your best.

Fat loss comes (if needed) as a by-product to FEELING better. I've coached over 10,000 women. I've been doing this for 13 years & I can tell you this is the most enjoyable and sustainable way to get results.

‘You adopt the attitudes and standards of the people around you

If you surround yourself with average you’ll become average.

Standards become habits and habits become outcomes

Exceptional outcomes are almost always achieved by people with higher than average standards
Standards of excellence create exceptional results’

-Shane Parish,
Clear Thinking

The vision

I want to bring together like minded people who dont want to accept average. It can be pretty lonely when you are surrounded by others who have different goals, who dont want to push themselves, who make comments - do you really need to go to they gym, just have another biscuit, why are you not drinking.

The impact of others on you is MASSIVE. Often you arent fully aware of it but the people you surround yourself with make a huge difference…

& you often cant exclude some drains from your life - especially family and work colleagues but you can add more inspiration and positivity.

I fully believe that Surrounding yourself with the right people is the best competitive advantage there is.

It’s almost impossible not to level up when you do that. Its something I have realised over the last year of mentoring - the AFM group is incredible - everyone is there to better themselves - everyone supports each other - people get as much from the group as they do from me, there is no gate keeping of information , there are no egos, its so much bigger than me and it’s something I want to create for my clients too.

The process

Audit & goal setting session:

  • Physical - targets based on you, your goals & your starting point
  • Mental health - taking care of you
  • Life balance - family & social targets *The most important things often get forgotten because they don’t have a deadline.
  • Personal & professional growth targets - this isn't just about fat loss - I want you to grow in all areas

I have created a unique & optimised system to set you personalised non negotiable and optimal targets which align with your values & your goals.

Sneak peek of audit commitment...


  • Bi- weekly 1-1 check ins - review your goals, adapt where needed and trouble shoot fo solutions to any problem or barriers
  • Bi- weekly group calls -these occur on opposing weeks to check ins to give you inspiration & motivation.
  • Daily accountability in the member's group
  • Continuous peer support - you'll be amazed what you can achieve with a team backing you!

How much is it?

  • £199 early bird for first 50 spaces
  • £250 full price
  • stay on for just £129 a month

Cool but how is this going to help me lose fat?

Fat loss becomes a lot easier when you stop focusing on fat loss 

I realise that seems odd but I’ve coached 1,000s of women this way and trust me it works. It’s the best way to sustainable and enjoyable results. Without resenting the process (which is pretty damn important if you want to STAY in shape) 

People usually come to me after years of yo yo dieting. They have a pretty poor relationship with food, low self belief & have often convinced themselves it won’t work before they’ve even started.

The last thing they need is another X week diet.

Instead I focus on the behaviours, habits & actions that will make them FEEL their best.

When you feel good it’s much easier to make the right choices.

If you want to FEEL your best you will need to fuel yourself well, prioritise sleep, make time to exercise, get outside for a walk.

Fat loss then comes as a byproduct of self care. The actions might look similar but the intent, motivation & enjoyment is totally different.

Who is it for?

It’s for people who think life is too short to be mediocre, who refuse to sacrifice their life for fat loss, who want it all and are prepared to put in the work to have it all - its undoubtedly hard but so is everything…

For those who want a challenge.

Who want to build trust in themselves.

To prove to themselves they can do hard things, build their self confidence.

  • People who resonate with the F**K average message.
  • People who dont want to accept a mediocre life
  • People who want it all - to thrive in all areas of life.
  • People who are willing to do the work to acheive that. 

I dont know who first said this as its been plagarised so many times but…

-Marriage is hard.
Divorce is hard. Choose your hard.

-Obesity is hard.
Being fit is hard. Choose your hard.

-Being in debt is hard.
Being financially disciplined is hard. Choose your hard.

-Life will never be easy.

It will always be hard. But we can choose our hard. Pick wisely!

Who is it not for?

  • People looking for excuses
  • Not willing to take action
  • Who don’t want to give as well as get (community is a big part of this)
  • Who dont fit the F**K average vibe.

I would rather attract less of the right people. This isn't for everyone and I am not afraid to say that. If you aren't sure then fill in the form below- if this isn't the right fit I will refer you to someone who is a better fit for you.

Don’t get me wrong on this - I am certainly not saying it’s not for people who cant do XXX many workouts and hit XXX steps - its not actually about WHAT you are capable of when you start.

It’s simply the mindset, an intent and an attitude.

If you’re committed to this mindset, if you want more from life then I don’t care what your start point is.

This isn’t an elitist program - I just want to attract women with a similar mindset.

I have a big vision for this - a community far bigger than me & my coaching team.