COMMIT TO 6 is about building a strong mindset that is going to get you results inside and outside the gym. It is about being better than you were yesterday and striving for more tomorrow.

It isn’t about ridiculous training regimes or over restrictive diets.

It’s about making a commitment to bettering yourself. 

Commit to 6 inspires you to wake up determined and go to bed satisfied. I identify the behaviours you need to do daily to get closer to your goals.

I put this programme together to include all my experience working with 1,000’s of clients over the last 9 years.

This is the very best formula to get your results.

It is the outcome of years of fine tuning and this is a programme I am truly proud of!

What is COMMIT TO 6?

COMMIT TO 6 is a hybrid of group coaching and 1-1.

It offers the individual support (personal check ins) of 1-1 coaching with the social support of group coaching.

It is the best of both worlds and unique blend you don’t find elsewhere.

What is included?

Morning routine
10min to prepare the mind & body for the day. You will be amazed how starting every day with a positive impacts your life.

Nutrition targets
We set your nutrition targets tailored to you & your goals. We don’t over complicate nutrition but we don’t over simplify it either.

Work outs
Programmed Home &/or Gym sessions that will push you whatever your starting ability

Weekly Q & As
 2-3 Q&A or topic podcasts per week to keep you motivated, educated and empowered.

Evening routine
the secret to waking up determined and going to bed satisfied is the evening routine..Reflect, plan & recharge.

Check ins
1-1 check ins with your personal coach to review progress & make any changes needed

No other coaching programs offer this and is one of the cornerstones to our success! 

Private Group
NOTHING comes close to the commit to 6 group for support, motivation and accountability. The group is a chance to share your journey, get immediate feedback on questions & support each other  (I can’t emphasise how amazing this group is- I can’t take credit for this part… although I do thin I attract legends haha)

Here are some wins from 1 week into commit to 6 

Non scale victories from commit to 6 members!

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