December 2023

"Within a few days of starting my only regret was that I hadn't started sooner."
"This programme helped me lose weight in a hugely enjoyable way, for the first time ever. I have achieved body confidence and acceptance of myself. It goes beyond the physical aspect, I can't put it into words."

The perfect hybrid of 1-1 and group coaching.

A program that puts you and your goals first.

Coaches who understand that its about 10% teaching you what to do and 90% supporting you to actually do it.

Constant accountability, reassurance & support to provide an environment for you to make life long changes.

The last diet you’ll ever need.

"To anyone mulling it over - don’t wait, do it now!! I joined with the intention of just staying for the six weeks, that was almost 8 months ago and I’m still here!! It’s THAT good!!!!!"
"I am staying on for committed - I can't bear to stop I've loved it so much. This 6 weeks has been life changing I really can't express how amazing it has been"


It isn’t about ridiculous training regimes or over restrictive diets.


It’s about making a commitment to bettering yourself. 

Make this the last diet you ever do!

Commit to 6 is about building a strong mindset that is going to get you results inside and outside the gym. It is about being better than you were yesterday, and striving for more tomorrow.

Commit to 6 inspires you to wake up determined and go to bed satisfied. I identify the behaviours you need to do daily to get closer to achieving your goals.

I have developed this programme after over 10 years of experience with 1000’s of clients.
It is the 6 week program that took me 10 years to create.
This is the very best formula to get your results.

You won’t find this level of support elsewhere!


10 minutes to prepare the mind and body for the day. You will be amazed how starting every day with a positive impacts your life.

We tailor your nutrition targets to your goals. We don’t overcomplicate nutrition but we don’t oversimplify it either.

Programmed home and/or gym sessions that will push you, no matter if you are a beginner or experienced.

Two to three Q&A or topic podcasts per week,  keeping you motivated, educated, and empowered.

The secret to waking up determined and going to bed satisfied is the evening routine. Reflect, plan & recharge.

Fortnightly 1-1 check-ins with your personal coach to review progress and make any modifications required.

No other coaching program offers this and it is absolutely one of the cornerstones to our success!

NOTHING comes close to the Commit To 6 group for support, motivation and accountability. The group is a chance to share your journey, get immediate feedback on questions & support each other. The power of this group is next level!



All this for £199 for 6 weeks with the opportunity to stay on for as long as you like at £120 a month.






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What people say

"One of my biggest lows was realising I didn't believe in myself or my body. I didn't feel like I deserved to be suceussful in this area of my life. However once I realised I had limiting beliefs, this became my most sucessful outcome. With a little help in reframing my thought process, a little work on clear defined goals and what sucess meant to me, everything clicked."
"This programme helped me lose weight in a hugely enjoyable way, for the first time in years. I have achieved body confidence and acceptance of myself. It goes beyond the physical aspect, I can't put it into words."
"Within a few days of starting my only regret was that I hadn't started sooner."
"My relationship with food has changed; gone is the binge eating! I feel confident and able to smash my workouts. I find I reframe negatives a lot and I’m now much happier as a result. I feel, strong, empowered and in control. The support and philosophy is second to none… It’s worth it for the lifestyle change, the weight loss is a bonus."
"To anyone mulling it over - don’t wait, do it now!! I joined with the intention of just staying for the six weeks, that was almost 8 months ago and I’m still here!! It’s THAT good!!!!!"
"I definitely find things less stressful with commit to six than I have with any other plan. I've learnt to be kind to myself. "
I have absolutely LOVED it!!! After listening to many ESG podcasts I was inspired to join and it was so worth it. The workouts are really good and the targets for cals/protein so achievable which has made adherence completely possible. Im not putting lots of value on the scale weight however I have lost over 5kgs and have done so with a full stomach throughout. At no point has my social life been hindered and I never feel as though I am missing out on anything (which restrictive diets always make you feel!). I am a mother to young children (they're all under 10) and have been able to have discussions with them (why Im tracking - health/mindful choices etc) that promote a positive relationship with food and I eat loads and work out which is fantastic role modelling for them (in my opinion). I struggled with steps time to time but thats because we had to isolate. I have managed this by making them up on weekends or on certain days so have hit that target based on the weekly 70k. This flexibility was invaluable - you dont feel as though you have failed because you can always have a longer walk the following day or you make the most of the times that you do get out. What has been brilliant is the idea that tomorrow is another day - move on quickly, dont let a bad day turn into a bad week and dont feel guilt/shame over things. Just take a step back and reflect before eating. Also, what has resonated is the ethos of enjoying the process and having the opportunity to do so. Exercise shouldn't be viewed as a punishment or something to balance out your food intake. I love the strength training and am about to join a gym (having worked out at home for CT6), seeing the weights I lift grow and feeling so much stronger and energetic has been amazing. The group has been a fantastic place for support and so informative. I have simply loved it all. You are all amazing!!
A note from Emma on why this is different
Emma Storey Gordon
Commit founder

I know, I know..

Another ‘diet’ to hop on… 

I bet you’ve tried a tonne of these before.

I want to explain here why this time is going to be different IF you commit to it. 

You are probably thinking: I have tried dieting before.. Why would this be any different? Why should I bother trying again.

If you are thinking this – YOU are exactly who I want to help.

If you feel like you’ve been dieting on and off for your whole life and thats just the way life is. I made this for you.

Commit isn’t an 6 week ‘shred’ or ‘challenge

Commit is about living your life while getting results rather than putting your life on hold for X weeks and then re gaining the weight again when you go back to your previous behaviours.

This is long term behaviour change (unsexy),
This is never dieting again (sexy!)

Your previous diets have set you up for failure. 

Any diet with an end date by it’s very nature isn’t maintainable – I bet there wasn’t a plan for what happens after the diet. And that’s the important part.

Losing weight is hard. You’ve done it before.. Everyone I’ve ever worked with (10,000 clients over 13 years) has lost weight before. They don’t have a weight loss problem – they have a weight loss maintenance problem.

You’re not the problem, your choice in diet is. With the right support YOU are totally capable.

At commit we understand that knowing what to do is only half the battle. You have to implement it too and that is where excellent coaching comes in.

We help our clients unpick years of diet culture messaging and unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies.

We don’t want you to get results for 6 weeks, we want you to get results for life.

Our aim is that this is the last diet you ever need because you maintain your results this time.

It’s a lot more efficient to do it well once rather than continue on the yo-yo diet cycle.

It’s also cheaper.

Think of it like this (I love an analogy)

If you have a leak in your house the quick fix solution is just to put a bucket under it. You solve the problem for a short period of time and it’s not cost you much. This is equivalent to a detox, 6 week shred, cutting carbs… insert over restrictive diet that is not sustainable long term.

You will have to keep replacing the bucket and you will have to keep yo-yo-ing on and off these diets. You’re also going to cause long term damage to your roof and to your relationship with food, body image, health and self esteem.

A much better approach is to get a plumber in to identify the route cause of the problem and fix it. Much like if you don’t want to yo-yo diet your whole life then taking the time to figure out why you overeat and find a way of living your life that aligns with your goals is going to give you long term fat loss, health and happiness results.

(I say happiness because when done right diet and exercise should ADD to your life and make it BETTER not be seen as a punishment)

One of the most important ingredients for this result is to learn how to maintain your results – most people leave coaching when they’ve lost the fat they want to lose. That is just the start. That’s actually not the hard part. Maintaining is the hard part.

This is why you hear head lines like 95% of diets fail’ – that’s because people don’t stay to maintain their results. That is where we are different.

Listen to *this* to find out more about the importance of maintenance

Do you want to put an end to yo-yo dieting?
Do you want food freedom?
Do you want to be able to eat with your friends and family,
to go on holidays without freaking out,
to enjoy the foods you love while working towards your goals?

Well not only is it possible – it’s realistically the only way you will ever get results.
Life isn’t going to stop for you to lose fat. (nor would you want it to – life is for living!)

You can have it all. You don’t need to choose between living your life and dieting. In fact you will enjoy it more when you’re living in line with your values which is the basis of how we coach here.

If you are sick of always feeling like you’re on a diet or feeling guilty for not being on a diet then this is for you.

Sounds good but how do you know this is real?

Look at the 1,000s of women we have helped get results. Real women, real results. No fads, no bullshit.

The truth is, it doesn’t take 6 weeks – most of our clients who have got the biggest results (both physically and mentally) have stayed with us much longer than 6 weeks.

I would recommend committing to at least 6 months if you are serious about making this the last diet you ever do. 

You’re probably concerned that this is just another diet you’ll spend money on and not get results from.

& I get that… You’ve built up a tonne of evidence that you fail on diets. But with the right support you are completely capable.

(side note: listen to this episode on the story you tell yourself)

We are determined for this time to be different.

We invested in you getting results but that requires some commitment from you.

This time we want you to promise that if you struggle you reach out,

When you inevitably have a wobble you look for solutions not excuses and that you commit to the end goal while accepting that there will be ups and downs along the way and not using it as a reason to give up.

We are also really big on ownership here: Don’t expect results from the work you didn’t do.

The reason people don’t meet their fat loss goals is because they give up.

It’s never an ability problem – you are completely capable.

We are here to make sure you never feel alone or unsupported but its up to you to choose not to give up.

You don’t need another diet to lose fat and this isn’t another diet.

Fat loss isn’t really about nutrition.
It’s about behaviour change.

We all know what to do to lose fat – eat less, move more… create a calorie deficit.

That part is complicated. (simple but not easy)

The hard part is changing your behaviours around food so you can stick to it.

That is exactly what we do. 


It’s never going to be the right time & there is always going to be a reason not to start.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to convince yourself you’ll start later. But it’s not going to be easier tomorrow/ next week or next month. 


Life is short & the sooner you start, the sooner you get results and then the sooner you can start living your best life.

We often try to convince ourselves it’s easier to start later…

If you’re honest with yourself – do you really think your life is about to magically get less busy?


The beauty of the way we coach is that we WANT you to have a busy life, to have commitments, to go on holiday, enjoy weddings, eat and drink socially.


We want you to LIVE YOUR LIFE while getting results.

That is how you maintain them too.


That is what makes our approach different & that is what will make this the last diet you ever do because you’re not sacrificing your life for it. 

Why should you trust me?

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 13 years. I’ve coached over 10,000 people.

& I refer out 100s of clients a year if I think someone else may be better to help them.

Fill in this *application*, tell me a little about you and your goals and if I don’t think I am the right person to help you I will refer you to someone who it.

We are honest, transparent & real (have a listen to the podcast – what you see (hear) is what you get with us)

Most importantly, we care.

We love what we do, we want the best for all of our clients & the fact that so many of our clients never leave is proof we must be doing something right!

We don’t want to see women feel like they have to avoid life in order to lose fat, feel tapped by their diets, avoid social occasions because of the way they look.

We believe life is too short for that.

Let us show you how incredibly empowering diet & exercise can be when you do it right.

Convinced? Geat…

Here is how it works..

I personally set your initial targets based on your starting point, goals, preferences & diet and exercise history.

Note: You don’t need to track calories here if you don’t want to – we will find the right approach for you.

There are home, gym and home weighted options for workouts. These are easily adapted around injury or equipment constraints.

The real magic isn’t in your targets – it’s how to get you to stick to these. That is where coaching comes in.

You will have check ins with your coach every 2 weeks and a group check in weekly where you can come with any concerns.

We also have DAILY accountability in the group to keep you on track and so that you can reach out if you have any concerns or simply need a little boost or some accountability.

All the coaches are active in the group daily – simply tag them in a post for feedback/ input/ reassurance.

& we do a weekly Q&A which is my FAV!! There are always such incredible questions – you can listen to these *here* to get an insight.

Why group coaching?

There are a few reasons I am so passionate about group coaching.

1) You will be surprised how important having the support of others is. I find this is especially important with reassurance. It’s one thing me saying don’t worry about the scales not dropping for a week. It’s quite another when half the group pipe up and how their own weight loss over time to reassure you. That can be the difference between giving up and success.

2) Cost. Group coaching allows us to help people while charging less. 1-1 coaching is 2-3x as expensive as group coaching. & I personally don’t think you get half as much. It is some people’s preference but if you want the most cost effective way of getting results I would always recommend staying longer in the group than less time 1-1.

On commit we still have 1-1 check ins – I created the program the way it is so you would get all the benefits of 1-1 cochin PLUS group coaching for an affordable price.

More fun, less lonely & you’ll meet a tonne of like minded people who all want to see each other win!

Ready to get started?

Commit has set intakes. – if sign ups aren’t open at the moment then you can join the waiting list here

Sign ups open for 2 weeks before each start date.

We cap numbers to make sure that coaching quality stays high. If you’re on the waiting list you will be first to hear about when the next intake opens.

Intakes allow us to make sure you are supported at the start when things can feel a little overwhelming & focus on what we do best – coach!

What do you have to lose?

Realistically.. £199.

(I said I wouldn’t bullshit you).

This investment requires commitment from you. You can’t just pay some money and do nothing. You have to put in the work.

– if you commit to this it will be the best investment you ever make.

If you don’t it will be a complete waste of money.

As a side note: the amount of commit members who go on to get job promotions or change careers always blows my mind – its amazing the transfer in confidence you experience. So for many people this is a very good investment even when you take away the huge health, fitness and happiness benefits

It is also important to consider what you have to lose by staying where you are. If you aren’t happy with your health, body fat &/or fitness at the moment then there is a high cost to not signing up, not changing is a choice too.

The pain of change or the pain of staying where you are – it’s your choice

*by the way there really won’t be any ‘pain’ here – it won’t always be easy but we will show you how to make fat loss as easy as possible. We recover the complication and we give you the support to change.

Still not sure it’s for you or have some questions?

Fill in the application form here and give me some info about you

& I will email you.


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