Flexible dieting – the struggles

Why people struggle with flexible dieting

It sounds brilliant-

you get to eat the foods you want

you can still drink alcohol

you can eat out

you don’t need to meal prep

you can be spontaneous (oooo what’s reduced in tesco today)

you can try new foods

And best of all because of all these reasons it is sustainable long term.

Sounds like rainbows and flowers but flexible dieting is hard! And I’m not talking about understanding macros or learning how to track foods.

I’m talking about the self restraint required. It’s quite easy to say no to something .e.g. I’m not drinking at all I’m on a diet and it’s not allowed. That is final, it’s set in stone, that’s the rule so you don’t need to think about it. That takes very little will power.

However, if you decide that you will have 2 beers because you want to and you’ll fit them into your calories for the day you may find it takes a lot more will power to stop at 2.

Moderation is hard. Saying no is relatively easy.. that’s why rule based diets work so well. I can’t have that.. it’s not on my diet. End of.

But that is a short term solution. Do you honestly think you can live NEVER eating after 6pm or NEVER eating carbs again? .. I’m sure you *could* but why would you want to.

The problem with strict diets is that they are very all or nothing. You’re on the diet or you’re off the diet. As the name suggests, flexible dieting is not like this.

My long winded point is that flexible dieting is hard but it is so worth it. Invest time, effort and will power in learning the ropes once and you won’t have to jump on and off diet plans, juice cleanses & meal plans ever again.

I don’t think I know anyone who has tried flexible dieting (for more than a few weeks) and gone back to restrictive ‘fad’ diets after.

What are your experiences of flexible dieting?
What are/were your struggles?
Do you have any tips now that you wish you knew when you started?