Focus on the factors you can control

Focus on the factors you can control

There are numerous factors that influence your body composition goals.

‘Influence’ being a key word here. For example genetics may influence how you respond to your environment. 

Let me elaborate..we all live in this ‘obesinogenic’ environment which is often touted as the reason for why we get fat. However, the fact still remains that within the same environment some people become obese and some do not.

Sure, this is behavioural but what causes some people to over eat while others don’t? Research indicates that genetics plays a role – some of us have a higher drive to eat and some of us reduce our energy expenditure to a greater extent than others when we reduce our energy intake.

This means that genetics can make it harder for an individual to lose weight and make them more susceptible to gaining weight. However, at present there is nothing we can do about this (aside from accepting it and working harder) so there is no point focusing on it.

Focus on the factors you can directly control which we know influence body composition:

-Activity levels
– Energy intake
– Food choices
– Exercise

If you want to see how small changes can produce significant results apply here: