How big should a deficit for fat loss be?

How big should a deficit for fat loss be?

This obviously depends on a number of factors such as what the starting point and the end goal are, is there a tie restraint etc.

Lets assume the end goal is a healthy weight and the starting position is an overweight individual with a lot of fat to lose. I’m choosing this example as it is the most common generic weight loss client..

So..Mr or Mrs generic weight loss client has come to you looking to lose weight..Do you have them in a big or small energy deficit?
.. this is not rhetorical questions there are pros and cons to each what have you found works best?

Generally there is a fear of putting clients on low calorie diets but remember that people with a lot of fat have a lot of energy stores.. so on a physiological level they can do very well on a low calorie diet.. given they have enough protein, vitamins and minerals

In this case it may be more important to consider what they can adhere to.

I’d also note that with the right food choices you can make 1200 calories look like a lot of food!

So as you can probably tell I’m not against low calorie diets for people with a lot of fat to lose.. your bikini prep Client on 1200 calories might actually be short of energy stores. Your over weight Client on 1200 calories is not