How to plan your meals

Personal trainers – who is guilty of giving our calorie and macronutrient guidelines with little else?

Are you giving much instruction on how to structure meals and daily food intake in order to hit these numbers?

I’ts very easy to forget the learning curve everyone needs to go through and assume people know how to plan their meals and hit their macronutrient goals already. For many this is all very new and can be very overwhelming.
(another reason people prefer to go to weight watchers or simply cut out carbs or go low fat – it is easier – at least initially)

We know that the hierachy of importance goes:

Calories Protein carbs:fat

calories and protein are our most important targets. As such, these should be at the forefront when setting up our daily food intake.

I find the best way to do this is to structure your meals around which protein source you are having at each.

Then add fruit and veg..

This gives you the ‘skeleton’ of your food intake and might look something like this:

Spinach and tomatoes

Lettuce, sweetcorn, cucumber, carrots

Greek yoghurt

Broccoli and green beans

Then check overall calories – with the remainder of your calories pad your meals out with carbs (e.g. toast at breakfast, wrap at lunch, cous cous at dinner) or add some fats (e.g. nuts to yoghurt, oil for cooking, mayo or dressing) then allow yourself calories for tea/coffee and maybe bit of something you enjoy like chocolate or ice cream.

Remember that giving out macros and just saying ‘hit those and you’ll lose weight’ isn’t very helpful to most!

I have a few clients who I can just allocate macros to but these clients mainly use me for structure, accountability and an objective eye. The vast majority of clients need a little more guidance.

If you’re confused about this or need some help setting up your fat loss diet join the upgrade you facebook group here: