Menstrual cycle, diet and training

Menstrual cycle- should you make changes to diet and training?

Does it significantly affect your mood, energy levels or cause you pain?

if so, you may want to consider making adaptations to your diet and/or training.


First and foremost go with how you feel!

If strength training reduce weight and increase reps.

This way you can keep total volume high while reduce performance pressure. By this I mean if you know what you usually squat for 5 reps but you’re feeling fatigued and weak failing at your usual weight will leave you feeling frustrated. Accepting you aren’t at your best and you are going to lift a lighter weight takes this pressure away.

Relax diet and add in some comforts (you make up for the extra calories over the rest of the month).

If you’re craving some chocolate or a home cooked meal then allow yourself some extra calories. Don’t go crazy but be kind to yourself

Treat yourself – spend time with people you love (unless you’re going to bite their heads off then maybe spend some time alone so that you don’t lose friends and family), have a relaxing bath, spoon a hot water bottle..
What I am getting at here is it is good to take the pressure off yourself if you’re feeling a little below average.

Being a woman is hard. Having the lining of your uterus ripped out every month isn’t fun.. cut yourself some slack.