More love for olive oil

More love for olive oil

We have all hear how good olive oil is for you but there seems to be a distinct lack of knowledge on exactly why. Your answer is usually ‘it’s a good fat’ or ‘it’s natural’.

Well, now we have a little more to add to that..It may also be anti-diabetic. 

A compound called oleuropein which is derived from olives has been shown to help the secretion of insulin and thus aid in blood glucose clearance after a meal.

It has also been shown to make Amylin more biologically useful. Amylin acts alongside insulin to aid in blood sugar control by slowing rates of gastric emptying and increasing satiety.

Side note: I still wouldn’t blanket recommend 5 table spoons a day as I have heard from some cardiologists (that is ~600 calories!!)
Olive oil is still very calorific and eating too many calories (not carbs) is likely what caused your diabetes (type 2)