The Irony of Supplement Use

Supplement Use

I always find this quite ironic..

Who are the mostly likely group to take supplements? Young health conscious men

Who are the least likely group to need supplements? Young health conscious men

In fact I am going to focus solely on protein supplementation here..

The most frequent users are young health conscious men who probably already get over the recommended dose of protein. It’s not going to do any harm but it is probably not going to do much good either. Some of the key benefits to protein supplementation are timing and rate of absorption. Neither of which are particularly important in young healthy men. Or at least their importance has been VASTLY over emphasised.

Now let’s flip the question:

Who are the least likely group to take supplements? the elderly.
Yet they stand to gain the most.

Protein timing, quality and rate of absorption all become more important as we age thanks largely to anabolic resistance and reduced anabolic hormones. Meaning that as we age become less sensitive to muscle building signals.

A simple whey protein supplement offers high quality protein and a quick rate of protein digestion (speed at which amino acids appear in the blood stream).  This stands to reduce the rate of age related muscle wastage.

In young males who have high levels of anabolic hormones and are sensitive to stimuli from protein and exercise the timing and rate of absorption of protein is of little impact.

Don’t get me wrong protein supplements have their place in terms of ease, convenience and being a great low calorie and cost effective way to bump up protein. But it is a shame that those who stand to gain the most don’t capitalise on them.