When is the best time to eat for fat loss?

When is the best time to eat for weight loss ?

There are quite a few myths around eating at certain times and these aren’t completely unfounded..

Food is not inherently more fattening at any time of day. However, we are humans not robots and we are more likely to over eat at certain times of day which is why rules like not eating after 6pm can result in weight loss.

you work a 9-5 job and eat fairly well during the day because you have a good structure. You get home and have a good evening meal.. adequate protein and lots of veg.. you’re killing it sistaaa💃💃.. but then you sit watching tv mindlessly eating pringles (once you pop you just can’t stop).
If you’d told yourself you were going to stop eating at 6pm (/ arbitrary time after dinner) you would have avoided this and finished the day in a nice little deficit.

Take home: timing of food intake isn’t particularly important in terms of physiology and energy balance but it is when we consider eating behavior and habit changes.