The perfect diet and exercise plan

The perfect diet and exercise plan

Theoretically there is one. But you have way more wiggle room than you think.

If you get the basics right then there are countless diet and exercise plans that will get you results.

Factors you may want to consider are:
– Ease:  how easy is this way of dieting and training to incorporate into my life
– Convenience: how far out of my way do I have to go to make these changes? Does it fit with my work/family/social life?
– Time: how much time do I have to give? Can I afford to add in a cardio session or should I just eat a bit less. Do I want to spend my evenings meal prepping or do I want to choose a more flexible approach?
– Expense: Can I afford my chosen diet of steak and nuts for breakfast daily?
– Biggest return on effort: making sure you nail the basics – put your effort in here. Focus on what matters e,g overall macros as opposed to meal timings
– Preference: finding what you enjoy the most/dislike the least (easy to forget not everyone enjoys this stuff and you’re weight loss clients at least initially probably don’t!)

You sure as hell don’t need the perfect diet to lose weight.

The key components or ‘the basics’  for most general population weight loss clients are:

a) They are exercising at all- going from nothing to something has huge benefits

b) They are in an energy deficit- initial weight loss can be fairly easy especially when you are starting from a poor diet

Both of which can be reasonably painless if left uncomplicated and lead by the above factors.