The vicious cycle of shit

The vicious cycle of shit and how to break it

We’ve all been there.. You feel a bit low so you decide to eat your feelings and then you feel even worse so you try to eat those feelings too. This turns into a cycle and you begin to rely on food for comfort which is only ever a short term solution.

Now I’m not saying that food isn’t comforting and should never be used for comfort. However, I think we should consider the context. For example when I feel stressed I like to go home and see my parents which inevitably involves having a meal with them. It’s normally not what I would usually eat but its nice to be cooked for and the company, conversation, home environment and my dog Toby is generally very comforting… The food adds very little.

Where using food for comfort is (in my opinion) a negative is when you end up eating a whole tub of ice cream a lone in your room. I don’t think that is ever going to make you feel better. Probably not acutely and definitely not long term.

5 things that tend to make me feel better:

1) seeing friends or family (unless you just want to be on your own in which case see 2 and 3)
2) being outdoors
3) exercise
4) time
5) perspective- does this have any long term impact? Will you care about it this time next month (or even next week)

If you’ve tried all these and you still feel shit then I am out of ideas. If this does help then do what you’ve got to do to deal with the issue, learn from it and move on.

BASICALLY the point I am so awfully trying to make is that eating shit food will likely make you feel shit both physically and mentally and may also give you spots so if you’re trying to feel better don’t eat shit.
Above is a diagram I made to try and explain this concept.