Training hard but not getting results?

Training hard but not getting results?

Are you giving your body the nutrients it needs?

I’m sure you’ve all heard ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’

What is usually meant by this is that it is very hard to burn enough energy during exercise to account for over eating.

This saying can also be looked at from an adaptation to training point of view.

A prime example of this is protein balance after training. After resistance training muscle protein synthesis is increased. However, muscle protein synthesis is only half the equation. It is the balance between synthesis and breakdown that dictates muscle protein balance. Without the presence of essential amino acids the balance between muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown tips in favour of breakdown.

This means not only are you not adapting to your training stimulus but you are potentially maladapting. You cannot build or remodel muscle without amino acids (the building blocks of protein).

Take home: Training hard won’t yield results if you don’t give your body the nutrients to fuel adaptation

Edit- amino acids come from protein