‘Trust the process’

‘Trust the process’

I hate this saying. It’s used by many trainers as a cop out to explaining the reasoning behind coaching methods or dieting recommendations.

If your coach/ Personal trainer frequently uses this instead of answering your questions it would be fair to assume they either don’t understand and can’t explain their methods or they are too lazy. Either way I’d not be happy with their service.

I’m not saying all personal trainers need to go into the detailed science behind every recommendation they use (although they should know the basics).
An explanation could be as simple as ‘There are many different methods to achieving this goal. I recommend doing it this way because in my experience doing *this* gives the best results’

There are certain situations where this phrase is appropriate e.g. a very impatient and over analytical client who you’ve already explained the reasoning behind your recommendations to (plus, they won’t listen anyway!). But generally this term is over used and to me is a tell tale sign that a trainer is either lazy or uninformed

Not all clients want to know the how and why but those that do should get a better response than ‘trust the process’

I always encourage my clients to ask questions and understand why I ask them to train or diet a certain way