Weight loss Plateaus 

Weight loss Plateaus

We know that short term fluctuations in weight do not represent fat loss and that lack of weight loss doesn’t always mean lack of fat loss short term (fluctuations in water retention and or food volume can mask fat loss short term).

However, if your weight consistently hasn’t dropped for 2 to 3 weeks AND you’ve been consistently adhering to your diet and exercise regime..its more than likely you aren’t in a calorie deficit and you aren’t losing fat.

At this point you may want to consider reducing your calorie intake or increasing your expenditure i.e. eat less and/or move more to create a deficit.

Take home:

Plateaus are inevitable in successful weight loss. Your energy requirements will reduce as you lose weight meaning at some point you will have to reduce your calories to continue to lose weight.

You won’t lose weight every week. Weight loss isn’t linear. This is even more relevant to women who may put on weight during or prior to their period despite being in an energy deficit.

Don’t drop your calories after a week of no weight loss or you will quickly find yourself on very low calories with nowhere to go