When more isn’t always better..train hard, recover harder!

If some is good.. more is better.

That’s the general mentality in relation to pretty much everything. However, this is almost never the case.

We tend to quickly saturate the response of a stimulus.

For example.. ‘if some protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis then more will indefinitely stimulate it more’ ..this is not the case.

The response becomes saturated or maxed out pretty quickly (25-30g high quality protein). After this more protein will not further increase muscle protein synthesis.

Similar is true for exercise.

Consider the amount of exercise you can effectively recover and adapt to rather than the amount you can physically squeeze into your week.. which will inevitably reduce the quality of your training too. A well structured training program will get you better results and free up your time. Giving you the biggest rewards for the work you put in.

This comes down to what is termed your maximal recoverable volume (MRV for short). This is essentially the most training you can do and recover from. If you are a casual gym goer this isn’t something you are going to need to worry about too much. If you are an athlete looking to improve your performance or a body builder trying to optimise the amount of muscle mass you can put on this should be a key consideration in your training program.

Take home: more isn’t always better. Train hard.. recover harder.
Make sure you’re giving your body the time and nutrients required to adapt to your training load otherwise you’re spinning your wheels.

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