Most common problems:

I have compiled some of the most common problems I see with clients and created some free resources to help you!

I hope these are useful to you and if you do need any extra help please feel free to reach out. My email is – I am very friendly :)

Let’s start with by far one of the most common problems – why you’re not losing weight despite your best efforts – I have created the worksheet below to help you.

I’ve worked with 1,000s of menopausal women to help them lose fat and feel better. Here is a free guide of the things that have worked best

Do you fixate on the scale weight?
Do you get frustrated when you don’t see weight loss & feel like you aren’t making progress?

This could be exactly the reason you aren’t getting results – listen to this to finally get your head around the scales!

Do you feel like you are constantly ‘on’ or ‘off’ do you find yourself in a cycle of over restriction & then over indulgence.

It is a horrible place to be and a tough cycle to break.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this!

And I want to help you…

Are you worried that you can’t lose weight because your metabolism is broken?


Have you been told that you’ve damaged your metabolism by dropping your calories too low?


Do you feel like there is no hope and frankly just quite confused by it all?



Let me explain why that isn’t the case, what is really going on and how you can successfully lose weight

We often held back by our own thoughts, by the story we are telling ourselves about why we can’t achieve something. 

We end up finding evidence for these beliefs and they very much become real to us. Prime example: you tell yourself you can’t lose weight. You internalise the fact that each time you’ve tried to diet (probably over restrictive and a set up for failure) you haven’t been successful and you begin to lose hope and believe your own story.

If this sounds like you take 10 minutes to listen to this – it will really change your mindset!

You might be wondering why I don’t have a FREE CALORIE CALCULATOR… here is why

Plus practical tips on dieting 

Do you ever put off starting something because you are worried you will fail?

This one is for you!

Free guide to help you identify your values

How to get your first pull up…


changing habits and instilling behaviours to create sustainable results

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