30 life lessons at 30

What your will learn: 
30 pieces of life advice from my 30th year

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30 important things at 30

  1. If it excites you and scares you. Do it. 
  2. Most of your problems come from your mindset (& you can change that)
  3. Fitness is a better predictor of health than BMI. Focus on that
  4. You don’t have enough time NOT to exercise (& you need far less time than you think to get a benefit – we are talking 60mins A WEEK)
  5. On that note.. exercise will actually GIVE you time! – you can expect to gain 2 hours of life for every 1 hour of exercise you do
  6. If you wouldn’t accept it from a friend don’t accept it in a relationship (pretty sure I stole this from Mark Manson but it’s gold)
  7. Work with people who inspire you
  8. Yes; the scales will fluctuate and no; weight loss is not linear
  9. Lifting weights is the best thing you can do for your health & it won’t make you bulky. That has far more to do with diet.
  10. Identify your own goals before you end up following others – do YOU want to be married by 35 with a 9-5 and a mortgage or is that what society has told you that you should aspire to?
  11. There is a difference between an expense and an investment – your health is an investment
  12. An investment in yourself has the best returns (yes, better than crypto)
  13. Prioritising yourself isn’t selfish. It means you can give more to others.
  14. Journal daily: you will learn a lot about yourself.
  15. Never break a promise to yourself. Those are the most important promises you’ll make. When you say you’re going to do something make sure you don’t let yourself down. Show up for yourself
  16. Give without expectation 
  17. Things only appear effortless after years of consistent effort 
  18. A question to ask yourself when you are facing a problem: How would I come up with a solution to this problem for a friend? 
  19. Putting in the work doesn’t guarantee success but it makes you 100x more ‘lucky’
  20. Remember this: You’ve got through every tough day so far
  21. Don’t get annoyed about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do  
  22. It might not be your fault, life isn’t always fair but you can choose to make it your responsibility & own your actions
  23. The reason you haven’t met your goals is rarely an ability problem. & that is empowering as hell!
  24. People can change but they change on their terms, when they are ready & you can’t force that
  25. If you’re not a considerably different person than you were 5 years ago you’re probably not growing enough 
  26. If you can truly master patience & delayed gratification you can achieve almost anything
  27. Almost everything you worry about won’t happen. Remind yourself of that when you’re struggling to be present
  28. Happiness & enjoyment depend on your ability to be truly present.
  29. Figure out a way to spend more time with people you admire and who inspire you (maybe start businesses with them)
  30. The impatience that leads you to quick fixes actually makes the process take longer. Do it right once & you’ll never have to do it again.
  31. Last but not least, if the an air b&b host tells you everything is going to be okay, rest assured everything is not going to be okay.
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