31 things at 31

What your will learn: 
31 pieces of life advice from my 31st year.

I am 31 today (28th Oct 2022)
Here are 31 important things I want to tell you.
1. Making mundane things fun is what makes life great.
If you can turn the boring everyday things into an adventure then you are winning!
&it’s more of a choice than you think.
2. Find people you have good conversations with and hang out with them more.
3. Laugh more. Even if you pee your pants a little. It’s worth it.
4. You don’t need a partner to be happy. You are enough on your own.
Being single is actually a lot of fun & likely allows you to create extra depth, connection and dependency (good dependency) in friendships. Incredible friendships deserve more credit.
5. If you appreciate someone tell them. People can’t read your mind & the likelihood is they don’t know how you feel.
6. Your definition of success probably doesn’t look the same as other people’s or societal norms. Don’t waste your life chasing someone else’s goals.
7. People will remember how you made them feel. Make it a positive.
8. Leave people better than you found them. Even if that is 1 small compliment or a smile.
9. You get more than you realise from giving. In fact the only proven way to buy happiness is by giving to others.
10. You’re probably completely capable of achieving your goals. The real question is whether you’re prepared to do the work required to realise them.
11. Putting in the work makes you significantly luckier. It’s a real shock.
12. I didn’t think it was possible but it turns out there is such a thing as too much harrisa paste. Stay safe
13. Consistency is a competitive advantage, it will get you further than talent or luck and you have far more control over it.
14. 100% is easier than 98% – the 2% between 100% commitment and 98% commitment is the fatiguing negotiation you make with yourself about whether or not to give up.
15. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. It’s the easiest way to level up.
16. Appreciating & finding joy in the every day is the key to a happy life.
17. If you can look back and say you laughed a lot you had a good life.
18. A useful lens with which to make decisions is to ask yourself what you would regret doing (or not doing) when you look back on your life.
19. It’s usually not that complicated you are just telling yourself it is as an excuse to procrastinate. In other words.. you know what to do – go do it.
20. The best tip for productivity is to make it fun.
The best tip for work out put tip is to make it fun.
The best tip for consistency is to make it fun.
The best tip to get results is to make the process FUN
Start making a conscious effort to make your life more fun.
PS adults don’t prioritise fun enough.
21. Start acknowledging & appreciating the immediate rewards of your efforts – it may take months to lose fat and years to build muscle but diet and exercise make you FEEL better immediately.
22. Listen to Piano music while working. (Top suggestion: Kygo piano sessions)
23. Country music is underrated.
24. Most of your fear of failure stems from the predicted judgement of others. Once you let that go you’ll try a tonne more things and be far more successful as a result.
25. You can completely change your life in a year if you want to & if you’re not happy where you are then what do you have to lose? (Not a rhetorical question)
26. Are the actions you took today getting you close to or further away from where you want to be?
27. You actually don’t have that much time. Stop wasting it.
28. Life is too short for petty arguments, delaying your ambitions, staying in situations that don’t make you happy & saying you will start tomorrow. Usually the biggest risk you take is not taking enough risks & then looking back in 30 years and realising you didn’t live the life you wanted.
29. If you don’t want to be average then you will have to do things that are by definition out of the norm and ‘not average’. Get used to people telling you that you work too much, that it’s weird to bring your own lunch to work or that not having a TV is obscene.
30. By far the best things in life are shared experiences. Spend less on things on more on memories. You might not be able to physically feel them but they will last much longer than anything material you can buy – and that is a great return on investment.
31. Compliment people behind their backs. It seems more genuine and thus means more & to bring it full circle if you hear someone say something nice about someone else – tell them!
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